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In this time of difficulty, our strength has been your prayer, your closeness and your support, that you have generously and wholeheartedly given to our community of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum.

With your support we could continue to carry out our mission:

Form apostles and evangelize culture

Institutional greetings

For over 25 years, Experience, Faith, and Expertise have accompanied us in training students
from all over the world to become tomorrow's Evangelizers.
We wish to invest more and more in deserving and disadvantaged young people, to enhance the activities of interchange in our
University network and strengthen research and human capital.
We want to involve you, making you part of a vision and having you on our side together with the numerous forces that support us from all over the world, in the practical implementation of these projects.
P. José E. Oyarzòn, L.C.

Rector, Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum P. José Enrique Oyarzún, LC

"I address a special greeting to all those who in many ways support our institution in its mission to evangelize in collaboration with the Church, through the formation of apostles - professional Christian leaders - and the promotion of schools of thought that imbue the various sectors of human life with a Christian spirit. As a community that strives to continue forward, guided by the light of Christian hope and committed to " make the kingdom of God present in our world" (EG, 176), we ask the Queen of Apostles for her intercession."

P. Thomas Montanaro L.C.

Board of Directors, Regina Apostolorum Foundations P. Thomas Montanaro, LC

"I am wholeheartedly indebted to each of you who have made a sacrifice for the sustenance of our students and mission, whether in prayer or material support. On behalf of our Regina Apostolorum Foundations in the East and West, I assure you of sincere prayers of gratitude. For those of you who are visiting us for the first time, I invite you to prayerfully consider joining our community of Pontifical Patrons committed to the evangelization of culture, through both prayer and financial support, or as God leads you. May God repay you abundantly!"

How do we use the funds raised?

With your prayers and support, you can help the most disadvantaged, deserving and talented students to continue their studies and be an example of Christian values.

The Pontifical Scholarship fund arises from the desire and need to attract and support of students characterized by both academic excellence and a proven commitment to the evangelization of culture. Supporting our mission means helping us to create scholarships for the most deserving students of the University from communities with scarce financial resources or in difficulty, allowing them to cover academic and administrative fees, university texts, food and accommodation.

We are committed to forming apostles and evangelizing culture, in this competitive and demanding world of higher education, we are called to develop and perpetuate a sustainable formative model for future generations. Thus, we have undertaken the strategic challenge of developing ourlong-term funding, guaranteeing our institutional perpetuity through our Pontifical Endowment Fund wich meant to strengthen the high quality of our education, research, outreach, strategic development and impact.

Supporting our research means stimulating and intensifying the debate among individuals, institutions and companies, and involving the main components of society in a constructive process so that they may target their priorities towards the common good, identify critical issues, and propose shared solutions. To respond to this need, the Athenaeum establishes chairs through which research projects and dissemination activities can be implemented. 

Every year, we welcome an average of 1,200 students to our Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. They are talented young men and women who are eager to grow in wisdom, strengthen their spiritual lives and prepare themselves to be servant leaders in contemporary society. With our Pontifical heritage and dedicated professors, we aim to stand in the vanguard of faith and culture and relentlessly promote a Catholic worldview of the human person and culture.

  • America 343
  • Africa 70
  • Asia 73
  • Europe 528

Our projects

Our commitment to offering an integral formation to our students is made possible through the generosity of those who support our work every day. Every donation, whether small or large, helps us to fund scholarships, support academic and scientific research, and further the development of our university. A heartfelt thank you to our benefactors! 

Endowment Pontificio

Pontifical Endowment

Our goal is to sustain our Atheneum's growth and give it a perennial legacy. Benefactors and philanthropists are engaged to leave a lasting impact through their capital gifts, ensuring a solid and permanent endowment which will perpetually sustain our efforts. We count on your much-needed support so that, with your generosity, the future legacy of our missionary and academic community may stand the test of time.

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Support our research


The establishment of Scholarships is not only a gesture of real Christianity but also contributes to create a world where peace and love reign. Supporting our mission, we can create together scholarships for the most deserving students of our Atheneum coming from communities with poor economic resources or in difficulty, allowing them to bear academic and administrative fees.

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Support our research

Academic Research

Supporting the Research of our Athenaeum means stimulating the debate between institutions, individuals, and companies, constructively involving the main components of society to converge their respective priorities in a common good, analyze the critical issues and propose shared solutions with the support of existing Chairs, including the Marco Arosio Chair, and the establishment of ad hoc chairs for new research projects.

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Why your support is important

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Account name: Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum
Bank name: Banca Popolare di Sondrio
Account: 000011533X91
Branch: 138 ROMA
IBAN: IT90 W056 9603 2110 0001 1533 X91
ABI: 05696
CAB: 03211



Account name: Regina Apostolorum Foundation, Inc
Bank name: Truist Bank
Truist Branch Address:
1545 Mount Vernon Rd
Dunwoody, GA 30338
Account: 5247849698
Routing: 061113415

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Account name: Regina Apostolorum Foundation HK, Limited
Bank name: HSBC, Hong Kong
Account: 652 757683 838
Branch code: 004-652

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